Sean, and I'm a UX/UI Designer.
My name is
I'm based out of Austin, Texas, and I have 9 years of experience serving clients and solving their problems through my own photography business. I’m a strategic self-starter who thrives on collaboration and critical thinking to solve unique challenges. Currently seeking a UX designer position in a team environment.
Austin-based UX/UI designer
Sean Hsueh
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ProFound - A job-finding app for photographers

I created this app from scratch to streamline the process of connecting professional photographers with other professional photographers for jobs.


Research – Design – User Testing

Comptrollers Sales Tax Redesign

This project features a re-design of the Texas comptrollers sales tax website through simplified user flow, re-organizing the information architecture, and improved visual hierarchy.

Information Architecture – Design – User Testing

Digital Media Website Reskin

This project features a two-year journey to re-design my website based off user feedback, analytics, and interviews with clients.

Design – User Testing – Reiterations – Data Analytics

[WIP] Enterprise E-Commerce Application (Password required)

This WIP features an enterprise e-commerce application built from the ground up. Through whiteboard sessions, stakeholder interviews, user flow creation, and lo-fi prototypes, I’ve created a product to bring to users for testing.

Research – Wireframes

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Sean Hsueh - UX/UI Designer